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Mummy Has To Go Now

Nine months ago today, you made your entrance into the world. After a long labour you decided that a normal entrance just wasn’t good enough, so you sat tight. And tighter. And tighter. And tighter. Until, along came the lovely Doctor to take you out. You have been my best friend ever since and every day I love you more than I knew was possible.

When family and friends told me what it would be like, “ooh you’ll love it so much in an instant”, “your life will change you know..”, “you wont be the same person after this”. It’s all true. You have changed me in ways that words can’t describe. No day is dark when I’m with you, your little smile lights up every room. I love your eyes, green like the leaves, shiny like the stars. And your little fingers as they curl my hair when you are drifting off to slumber.

Your tiny fingers

These past nine months have been a blessing to me. Every day is cherished like a little jewel in my heart. I remember every moment, every little change; your first smile, your first laugh, the day you rolled over, clapped your hands, how you love the ducks in the park but cry when the goose quacks and when Daddy cried because I asked you ‘where’s your daddy?’ and you turned and looked straight at him and clapped. He couldn’t believe you knew who he was. Of course you did, you’re smart and bright for your little nine months.

I have loved singing with you, learning nursery rhymes and watching you watch Waybaloo, mesmerised. I have loved our swimming classes, you’re doing great honey, just keep your head up and kick your legs! I have loved cooking for you, cleaning your little face full of crumbs, how you scrunch your nose at kiwi and say ‘Mmm’ to tomato. There’s nothing I have loved more than bed times when we snuggle, read a book and share those moments when there are only the two of us.

I love that you love me.

But mummy has to go to work now. Be a big girl. Be a good girl. And remember to tell me everything when I get home.

I promise I wont cry.



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