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My Week That Was #12

Mummydaddyandmemakesthree always starts this linky on a sunday. That takes me right back to Mothers Day.

As much as I would love to relive it over and over again, I feel I may have exhausted the happenings of my first mothers day. So I will crack on with the rest of the week.

This week has tested our patience Internet wise. After massive ‘lack of Internet’ issues with Tesco Broadband, we decided to jump ship and join Virgin Media. Mistake!

They signed us up, took our money in advance and then postponed our connection by three weeks. This amount of time in the blogging world is like committing writing suicide.

Apparently Virgin Media are experiencing slower than usual signals due to overuse – what’s that you say Hussein Bolt?? Faster than lightning?? I think not!! An Internet speed of 0.3 isn’t even off the starting block! In fact, it’s so slow that if I would have stood in the street with my index finger in the air I’d have gotten a faster signal!!

Our very lovely and kind neighbours allowed us to sign on to their internet as was frothing at the mouth at the thought of not being able to ‘post’ for near on a month! God bless you Flat 1, you’ve spared my husband of a month of ear bashing!

And ear bash I did at Richard Brandon‘s minions. No wonder he’s sat on his island drinking piña coladas because he’s fleecing us normal people of our pennies knowing full well he can’t provide a service!

We’ll have it up and running on February 14th” they said.

Uh oh, slight delay, up and running by February 29th” the promised.

Oh er, technical hitch won’t be fixed until 22nd March, ever so sorry about that” they whined.

You know we said 22nd march.. What we actually meant was 24th May!!”

Are you taking the effing biscuit?? So like any good northerner would, I told them to sod off and we have taken our business elsewhere. Faster than lightening my arse!!

Also this week, on Thursday Bambina had her 7 to 11 month check and all went well . Apparently she has exceptionally long legs and will be really tall. I pray I have a supermodel on my hands, that or the next Olympic long jumper.

On Friday evening, Bambina and her daddy picked me up from the train station after a hard days graft. She had been with him all day and had very cleverly decided that whilst he was out at Tesco, she would show mummy her very first crawl!! Brazen as brass, right across the floor she went, looking back at me to make sure I hadn’t missed it. It was the highlight of my week!!

Also on Friday I became a proud member of the Mumsnet Bloggers and have a new shiny badge on my home page to prove it. I’ve also set myself up with a Google+ account and am actively seeking cyber mates – do add me otherwise I may get a complex.

To this end, on Friday when I saw that Mammasaurus was holding a “Hangout” (cyber chit chat get together) on Google+, I thought I would join in, you know, to show my face.

What I didn’t know was that when you sign up for the hangout, it automatically connects to the camera in your laptop. So I was sitting there in my bra, after just having fed Bambina, wondering why the light was flashing at me. Then I noticed a little not so pretty image of myself in the corner of the screen.

Oooh for the love of God, please tell me I haven’t just been ‘hanging out’ on the Internet in my bra!! Cue panic-stricken attack of the keypad.. Close close close close close… Phew, I hadn’t pressed “join”. My face wasn’t the only thing I’d have been showing to Mammasauras and her buddies!!

Saturday was chore day… Cleaning, Shopping… Yawn. In the afternoon we went to Greenwich park to enjoy the winderful sunshine and discovered a beautiful bed of daffodils.  Not one to miss a perfect picture moment, I immediately plucked Bambina from her pram and dumped her in the middle of the flowers execting to her sit looking pretty.  It would have been a cute photo if she hadn’t started bawling her eyes out and then munching the head off the first flower she grabbed!  Delicate she is, my little flower!

Lastly, Sunday started off a bit miserable but got progressively better. Me and his Lordship had a spat which was basically me throwing my toys out the pram but don’t tell him I said that!  Bambina was sluggish as her teeth are giving her a few issues. She didn’t want to leave my side all day, which of course, is always welcomed.

The week was rounded off nicely with a bit of inner city olive picking, a home-made pizza and a rerun of Britain’s Got Talent.

Such is my rock and roll lifestyle – tune in next week when I might have done something remotely interesting 🙂

Oh yeeeaaahhh… I almost forgot, I’ve signed up to attend the Save the Children UK Blogger and Vlogger conference in Camden!! My first event….watch me burn rubber after that! *wink* x

Oh, double oh yeeaah.. Im still struggling with putting funky pics on my blog – Note to self: do a course!!


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