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A Decade

On Saturday we finally sold our stamp sized apartment!

It got me thinking what a difference a decade makes.

When I bought my little slice of heaven just over nine years ago, my requirements for a home were so different than what they are today. I wasn’t interested in parks or supermarkets, in coffee shops or quaint high streets. In fact, I distinctly remember that the cost of a black cab at 3am strongly determined the location in which I made the purchase.

My stamp sized apartment has served me well and as much as I am excited to be moving on, I will miss it a little. We’ve had fun together!

We’ve held parties at Christmas & served traditional dinner to friends. We’ve gotten drunk on Absinth and held dances in the living room. We’ve had hangovers from hell.  We’ve enjoyed fancy dress parties and Moroccan sisha nights. We’ve had sleep overs and SATC pyjama parties. We’ve had boyfriends come and go. We’ve had flings.  We’ve had arguments with neighbours. We’ve made friends with others

The best things that my little apartment and me have had is a marriage and a daughter! We made our second child in this home but we might already be gone by the time our new addition arrives.

Almost a decade later, my homely requirements have changed. I’m no longer concerned about black cab fairs.  I dont even remember the last time I was in one, let alone at 3am!

My new house and I won’t have raucous drunken, half forgotten, parties, we’ll have a family. We’ll have family dinners and picnics in the garden.  We’ll have BBQ’s and bouncy castles.  We’ll have birthday parties and egg hunts at Easter.  We’ll have first steps and tooth fairies.  We’ll have a guest room and down stairs loo.  We’ll have a dining table! We’ll have a parking space. We’ll be near good schools and parks.  We’ll have a home.

Our home.

What a difference a decade makes!

Does your house hold an array of memories for you?


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A Little Diamond

When the Italian proposed, it wasn’t like every girls dream where the knight in shining armour races in on a horse then gets down in one knee to reveal a giant whopping platinum diamond ring.

Believe me, I could forego the knight and horse no problem but if I’m really honest, the ring would have been nice. However, at the time the Italian was a mature full-time student so I knew I was about to say yes to marrying him because I saw a good future with him. That meant that in the present, some things had to be sacrificed including the whopping diamond ring.

To my surprise, I didn’t care thatmuch. I was just happy to be marrying him. It doesn’t harm a girl to dream, does it?

Here are a few whoppa’s from my Pinterest board La Lia Bella Matrimonio, that, given half the chance, I probably wouldn’t have turned my nose up at!


This is massive and way too big for me but I can’t help swoon!


I do like matching ring sets but I feel they’re a bit over done these days. Still, I wouldn’t say no if I was gifted one!


When we went window shopping to Hatton Garden I tried on mostly precious stone rings as solitaire diamonds don’t suit my hand. I absolutely adore sapphires and this vintage style sapphire and diamond ring is right up my strada! Yes please!


I could also be partial to an emerald. In fact, I have four lovely little emerald stones sitting in a box in my bedroom that were gifted to me by a friend for my 30th birthday. One day I’ll turn them into something beautiful!


I think Aquamarine is also really elegant and obviously paired with diamonds it’s just stunning. I always swoon over the massive rock that Kirsty Allsopp wears on Location, Location, Location. And, Mummy Rates It… Don’t think I didn’t notice yours! Stunning.

And last but by no means least, any of these would go down a treat – I’m not fussy! (and if you believe that, you believe anything!).

Was your other half a little diamond by gifting you with a stunning gem?



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Bambina’s Boudoir

We need to move house. Fact.

Our stamp size apartment is surplus to requirements. Fact.

Since we decided the put the For Sale board up, I have become addicted to Pinterest and am planning the best, cutest, prettiest lil’baby room for Bambina. Fact.

I must admit, however, that my baby room obsession was ignited when I saw some totally gorgeous, DIY’ed, home-made ABC frames by Kellie at Le Zoe’s Musings (ps, her blog is another of my recent addictions!):

I found the following snippets of inspiration from Pinterest. Check out my boards here.

Here are a few things that I loved:

Love the Alphabet letters hanging on bows

Loving the picture gallery over the dresser – makes a great central point and you could use any type of picture;family/baby photographs, baby foot/hand prints, drawings…

When we are ready to do Bambina’s new nursery, I would like to steer clear of total pinks. Sometimes the baby girl theme can be too much.However, I love how the soft mink and baby pink work well together in this room. It’s very plush and the addition of bows make it unmistakably feminine.

One thing is for sure that when her new room is done, it will be Bambina’s very own Boudoir..



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Put a Sock In It Woman!

Being a new mummy is fantastic.  There are no words to describe the emotion of holding your baby in your arms for the first time.  How many hours have I whiled away just watching her breath and sleep? It is truly an amazing experience and each day delivers a new surprise.

However, it does have its drawbacks.  In those early days it was a good day if I was dressed before noon.  It was a great day if I had managed to blow dry my hair. It was a fantastic day if I had managed to do both of those and put make up on!

In the first month there were days that I hardly new my own name yet I always managed to at least wash my face, brush my teeth and attempt to make my hair look tidy.

So you can imagine the utter shock when I witnessed this today!!

There are no excuses! No newborn baby, no extreme exhaustion or sleep deprivation will EVER be an excuse for leaving the house like this.  Why didn’t she reach for a hair bobble, a clip, a slide, a clamp, even a scrunchie??  How could a woman leave her house with her straggly wet hair held back off her face with a mans terry towelling white sport sock!!!!! She is what Gok Wan dreams of!

Its not the best picture but I was almost trampled on amidst the commuters to at least get this shot.  Be grateful for the proof.

Lady…  seriously… words fail me!

A sock? seriously?


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