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The Colour Purple

I think I have mentioned previously that I was never one of those girls who by the age of five had their whole wedding mentally figured out.

I had never really been too bothered about it. Of course, I had always believed in the depths of my mind that I would get married one day but the finer details of the event were a haze.

Once the arranging of our Italian nuptials were underway, my friend kept asking me so what kind of dress? What kind of place? Church or hall? Summer or winter? What’s your colour scheme?. I knew about the dress but didn’t tell a soul about it, not even my bestie! I knew it would be a hall of some description and I knew I wanted it at the end of summer. It’s far too hot in Italy to have a July or August wedding and far too cold in December and November for a winter wedding!
About the colours, I had no idea at all.

Over a usual coffee and cake brunch with my bestie and made of honour, she grilled me, even forced me, into making a colour decision. Peach? No! Mink? No! Olive? No!

Every colour option just seemed a bit, well, obvious. Until she had a beautiful brain storm.

What was your Grandma’s favourite colour? As she can’t be there, choose that and you’ll feel like she’s involved in some way.”

Perfect. Purple it is!

My Grandma had passed away not long before and I was really upset at the thought of her not attending my wedding. This was a lovely sentiment and the fact that my bestie came up with the idea made it even more special (she knows me well!).

So the hunt for all things lilac and purple began. I only wish that Pinterest existed then because these pictures from my board, La Mia Bella Matrimonio, would have been my absolute guide and Bible. How lovely and rich does a purple wedding look?

Love how elegant lilac looks – so fresh! Well done Trendy Bride for putting this little collage together. foto

These delish purple cup cakes frpm Style Me Pretty are a delish alternative to a wedding cake and the setting looks exactly like where the Italian is from, at the bottom of the Dolomites! LOVE! Foto

Gorgeous outdoor weddings like this are so feminine, shame it rained.. and rained on my wedding day! Aixoo got it just right. Foto

Purple flowers, peacock feathers and candle light – absolutely gorgeous for a romantic setting.  Again, Style Me Pretty have outshone themselves! LOVE Love loooove. Foto.

And my very own wedding bouquet incorporating all my Grandma’s favourite colours and flowers!

What colour did you choose? I’m interested to know your sentimental feelings. Do share!


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Finding “Our” Place

When the Italian and I decided to get married, it was an automatic decision that the wedding was to be held in Italy.  Other than the obvious Italian luxuries like food, good wine, prosecco and extremely picturesque locations, the Italians Nonna, who was 90 at the time, had breast cancer and couldn’t travel.  So, we wanted to bring our wedding to her.

The location choice was really hard as the town where the Italian is from is literally forty minutes drive from everywhere, in every direction: mountains, sea and city.  I knew I wanted to try to aim for an English rose garden affair, but in Italy.  That wasnt going to be an easy feat.

We started scanning the internet for ideas and locations and when we found various places we liked the look of, the Italian called and enquired about prices, menus, catering etc.  however, the huge problem with wedding planning in Italy that we came across was that the Italians just don’t use the internet.  Websites are old and pictures are ancient.  You don’t get a good feel of how a place would look in reality.  It’s still very much a case of recommendation and word of mouth, which isn’t easy when you’re trying to arrange a wedding from another country.

We had a few trips to italy to view venues and after various trips back and forth I was in love with three places.  All were very different and offered us different things but we had a strict list of considerations to stick to.  Some  our guests were coming from England so we had to consider distance from the airport, local bars, transport from the hotel and transport from the wedding venue.  So, my (I say my, because the Italian really didn’t have a choice in this one!) first choice was out because it was too far from everywhere and a nightmare to transport everyone to and from.  I was heartbroken! Let me introduce your to Castle Brando:


I think I actually shed a tear when we realised that this place was out of our reach.  I had never imagined getting married in a castle before.  I’m much more a jeans and flip-flops kind of girl so I was quite surprised at myself that I was so upset.  Alas, there was a plan B.

One one of our trips I had convinced the Italian to visit a place that I had found on the internet.  Their website was ancient and photographs were terrible so he was really reluctant.  However, when we got there it was amazing! It was a Venetion country palazzo adorned with old furniture and regal looking decor.  The gardens were breath-taking and again, I was in love. Let me introduce you to Villa Luppis:


We were treated to a fabulous dinner at Villa Luppis and even today, I still remember how good the food was.  It was definitely the best food were tasted from all the venues we visited.  I loved everything about Villa Luppis but the only thing that we had an issue with was space for the children.  We had a handful of children at our wedding and this villa, although stunning, is a very grown up, very sophisticated kind of place.  That was the only thing that we stumbled on.  So, cue more tears and side step to plan C.

A neighbour of the Italian’s parents told us about a venue that their daughter had recently got married at and suggested that we definitely take a look.  I wasnt convinced.  Knowing his parents neighbours and their daughter, I wasnt sure her taste of venue was exactly and true match for my taste.  Nevertheless, we made a trip for a viewing.  How surprised we were!

We drove through a small town and followed the directions up a meandering hill, into and above the prosecco vineyards of Conegliano and then, there it was.  Let me introduce you to Casteletto.


Turning the corner through the vineyards to discover the iron gates that led to a gravelled driveway was a surprise.  As we approached the top and walked forward we were totally blown away by the view.  It was stunning!. There it was, a tiny little castle with a chapel, on the hill, hidden amongst the trees.  From the outside it was perfect.

Was this really a castle fit for a princess?

Did you have the in love feeling when you found your venue?



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Bambina’s 1st Birthday

We had planned to spend Bambina’s first birthday having a vintage tea party in the park. However, good old British weather had other plans and decided to open the heavens!

We had to decamp at the last minute to our stamp sized living room. Once Bambina’s baby friends started to arrive, we soon realised that it didn’t matter where we were as she was so super excited. Somehow, she seemed to have an inkling that this was all for her.

She was so pretty in her baby pink frilly princess dress with matching butterfly clip in her hair (that lasted about twenty seconds before she pulled it out). Only one year old and it was though the age fairy had crept in through the night and replaced Bambina’s baby face with an updated toddler’esq mask. Where did the last year go? How did we get here so fast?

Bambina relished the attention and loved her gifts. She thrashed the living daylights out of the helium balloon and for one day only stuffed herself silly with pink piggy biscuits and Haribo jellies.

When the time came, I lit the candel on the cake and walked towards her where she sat looking on from her high chair.  The Italian was by my side, her grandma (my mum) sat proudly on the sofa watching whilst her Nonni in Italy clinked glasses of Prosecco in celebration on the TV screen (the Italian had hooked up Skype so that they could be involved).  Bambina was surround by the people who love her and in her finest moment, as the cake came forward, Bambina let out a light puff of air.  She blew!! She blew towards the candle, not hard enough but it was a slightly blow at least.  The Italian had been teaching her and she didnt disappoint.  As I helped her blow out the candel and melody of Happy Birthday sung by friends and loved ones washed over us, a tiny tear filled in my eyes.  This was a ‘moment’.  It was my baby’s moment.  As I looked at her, I felt my mother look at me and in a split second, the pride washed through three generations of very lucky ladies.

This is it I thought, she’s had a taste if independence. The years are going to fly by and soon I’ll be telling her to take that make up off and don’t look at me with that tone of voice – before I know it, Bambina will have turned into me and I will have turned into my mother!

Our little one year old. So pretty. So confident. We can’t imagine a single day without her and although ever day with her fills us with sheer pride, today our love for her runneth over.

This little one year old is our life. We breathe, sleep, adore her every minute of every day and we promise to make every day of hers as joyous as she makes ours.

Happy First Birthday Bambina, you are the most precious gift to us and we wish you nothing but love, health and happiness.  We promise with all our hearts to make every day as exciting as this one!

We love you all the world, more than all the stars in the sky and all the fish in the sea, more than life itself!

Mamma & Papa


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