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An Autumn Affair

I absolutely frikken LOVE LOVE LOVE not working Fridays! It’s a new thing and I’m grabbing the opportunity to use it as mummy and Bambina time.

Today we packed up the nuts, packed up the bread and headed off to our local park to feed the animals. Bambina loves animals, makes all the noises and is an eager beaver to call any passing dog, cat, squirrel or duck to come talk to her!

Today was a right autumn affair. The leaves were golden, the air was crisp and Bambina looked cute as a berry in her little love heart hat and matching gloves.

She had an affair of her own with the squirrel crew and managed to eat as much bread as she fed to the ducks! Don’t all babies do that? a piece for me, a piece for you…

We had a lovely autumn day, running through the crunchy leaves, jumping in puddles and relishing in mummies no work Friday!

What things have you done to enjoy the autumn? Do tell… It might give me inspiration for Friday next week!


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Walking the Walk


Its one of those inevitable things isn’t it, that babies will do the most important things when you’re not looking or not around.

I have been fortunate enough to be around for all of Bambina’s “firsts” to date.  Today, however, she had plans of her own, of the independence kind.  Mother nature took the control reign out of our hands and placed them in the palm of Bambina’s childminder.

I love her.  The childminder.  She’s great.  I dreaded though that she might see Bambina walk before I do.  For weeks now Bambina has been making signs of that unsteady wobble, the shall-I-shan’t-I stumble, that glance across the room for encouragement.  She has been almost ready to go it alone.

Bambina isn’t usually with the childminder on a Tuesday but as a favour to her we swapped our day to help her out.  Bambina should have been with Daddy and me today.  We would have seen it.  We wouldn’t have missed it.

We did miss it.  Her first steps.  Her first two steps, actually.  She made her own way from the chair to the sofa.  A break for freedom, two small steps for babykind.  Those two steps were encouraged by confidence and increased to nine! NINE! NINE STEPS! Whats next? Running the London marathon?! Seriously Bambina, why didn’t you wait for us?

That’s it now, my baby has begun the talk, well mainly ‘cat’ and now she is walking the walk, all nine steps of it.

My mum is coming to stay next week and I have been convinced that Bambina was saving her walking glory for Grandma.  I wouldn’t have minded that so much.  I would have been thrilled for my mum to have experienced that.  Yet, like her mother and Grandmother, Bambina’s mind was set and there was no budging her.  Today was the day.

I wish I had have seen her but I accept that I wont always be there for absolutely everything.  And that sucks, absolutely bloody sucks!



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Follow a Newbie Friday

There I was chugging along with my new little toy just spouting whatever came into my mind.  Then along came Follow A Newbie Friday!  What a fabulous idea this little linky is, the brainchild of the wonderful Slummy Mummy over at From Slummy To Yummy Mummy. It’s a fantastic soapbox for us new bloggers to stand on and shout out loud that we’re here and we’re doing good stuff, thank you very much!

Starting a blog is a minefield enough and you tend to feel a bit like a small fish in a bigger than big pond.  Follow a Newbie Friday allows us to introduce ourselves and tell you what we do.  You can find out more about Follow a Newbie Friday here.

I started blogging because 1) I like writing 2) I felt like I’d lost myself a bit after having a bambina and 3) I wanted a new hobby, something for me to take care of.

Every week we will showcase some glorious new talent and this weeks little jewellery box consists of the following, all new, all sparkly, little gems:

IlMondodiIngrid is a lovely blog written in the eyes of 6 year old Ingrid. She’s the daughter of English/Italian parents and her blog documents the world in her eyes – genius idea.  Follow Ingrid on Twitter @IlMondodiIngrid

Mummys Little Monkey tells us how amazingly little monkey is doing since he was born 10 scary weeks prematurely.  His bow loving mummy documents his milestones step by step.  Pay her blog a well deserved visit and follow on Twitter @MummyandMonkey

Hollybobbs shares a not so pleasant driving experience that i’m sure all parents have encountered. Visit her site to view the ‘Baby on Board’ post.  Follow on Twitter: @Hollybobbs

Mummy Glitzer  talks about Number Two’s (and not the dirty kind, i know what you were thinking!) Visit her site to see exactly what kind of Number Two she was referring too. Follow on Twitter: @mummyglitzer

Mummy Mayhem has been crafty in nature this week. Visit her site to meet the original ‘Willy Arm’ and the soon to be ‘Patch’. Follow on Twitter: @mummymay_hem

The Happy Cook takes a ‘Big Leap’ and indulges in her passion for writing this week. Visit her site to hear more about the workshop she has enrolled in and the yoga, vision boards and morning pages that go along with it. Follow on Twitter: @The_Happycook

Everything’s Rosey shares her feelings and experiences of baby Freddie’s time in neonatal care and gives advice to other parents who may find themselves in a similar position. Visit her blog to read more on dealing with doctors and medical jargon. Follow on Twitter: @AimeeSawyer

One Mum And A Baby talks about her guilty pleasure and the maternity bucket list she wants to complete before her return to work in 2 months. Visit her site to learn more on this fab idea. Follow on Twitter: @onemumandababy

Keeping Up With The Joneses is an aspiring yummy mummy and this week writes about shoes,clothes, makeup and her latest shopping escapade. Follow on Twitter: @MrsJonesSW3

Emma Wards Words is in training and on a mission, but so far finds herself staggering for life as opposed to racing for life. Follow on Twitter: @emmawardswords

From Babies With Love is a new venture launching soon that sells organic baby clothing and donates all profits to charities supporting orphaned and abandoned children around the world. Visit her blog this week to be introduced to Ousmane, a 12 month old baby from Africa.  Follow on Twitter: @frombabies

Mummy + Mimi shows her and Mimi’s artistic side as they embark on their ABC challenge. Follow on Twitter: @mummyandmimi

This was my first week at work after maternity leave so I have unashamedly not had the time in the evenings to seek new bloggers. I have therefore, very rudely and very brazenly “borrowed” this list from Mummys Little Monkey – other than Ingrid whom I added.  As the week goes on I will keep an eagle eye out for other newbies and make a conscious effort to lure them into the lusciousness of Follow A Newbie Friday.

Now, I better dash… I’ve got about 25 new blogs to read! 🙂

Ps, if you 1) read and 2) like any of these wonderful ladies work (how very sexist of me, Im assuming they are all women!) do follow them/us on Twitter, Facebook, subscribe by email to their blogs and drop by once in a while a lovely comment – your comments inspire us to write more and well, this is the point of blogging.

Pps, If Ive missed you out, Im really really really sorry – send me a message, slap my hands and I’ll include you next time round…forgive me, yeah?! 🙂

Grazie tutti! xx


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Mummy Has To Go Now

Nine months ago today, you made your entrance into the world. After a long labour you decided that a normal entrance just wasn’t good enough, so you sat tight. And tighter. And tighter. And tighter. Until, along came the lovely Doctor to take you out. You have been my best friend ever since and every day I love you more than I knew was possible.

When family and friends told me what it would be like, “ooh you’ll love it so much in an instant”, “your life will change you know..”, “you wont be the same person after this”. It’s all true. You have changed me in ways that words can’t describe. No day is dark when I’m with you, your little smile lights up every room. I love your eyes, green like the leaves, shiny like the stars. And your little fingers as they curl my hair when you are drifting off to slumber.

Your tiny fingers

These past nine months have been a blessing to me. Every day is cherished like a little jewel in my heart. I remember every moment, every little change; your first smile, your first laugh, the day you rolled over, clapped your hands, how you love the ducks in the park but cry when the goose quacks and when Daddy cried because I asked you ‘where’s your daddy?’ and you turned and looked straight at him and clapped. He couldn’t believe you knew who he was. Of course you did, you’re smart and bright for your little nine months.

I have loved singing with you, learning nursery rhymes and watching you watch Waybaloo, mesmerised. I have loved our swimming classes, you’re doing great honey, just keep your head up and kick your legs! I have loved cooking for you, cleaning your little face full of crumbs, how you scrunch your nose at kiwi and say ‘Mmm’ to tomato. There’s nothing I have loved more than bed times when we snuggle, read a book and share those moments when there are only the two of us.

I love that you love me.

But mummy has to go to work now. Be a big girl. Be a good girl. And remember to tell me everything when I get home.

I promise I wont cry.



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