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Beautiful Blogger Award

A few weeks ago when I saw that Anya from Older Single Mum had tweeted a new post, I clicked on the link only to be told that I couldn’t access it as Vodafone thought I was too young! I was accessing it from my iPhone, how did Vodafone know how old I am? More importantly, what was in the post? I was curious.

It turns out it was all about Beautiful Bloggers! Anya had invited some lovely ladies to join in and I was one of them. I was then invited again by the adorable Mother.Wife.Me.

The usual blogging rules say I have to nominate another six bloggettes or bloggeurs and then divulge ten things about myself that you, my favourite reader, would not know. Here goes:

I nominate the following as worthy of this award..

MummyGlitzer for her candid and truthful take on life, check out her post Coming Off the State.

Sharing My Italy for her lovely blog on all things Italianess, especially food – I could eat her Coffee Ginger Semifreddo right now, buonisima!

A Mummys View because somehow she always seems to put everyone else first! Read CJ’s many posts on charitable affairs, this is one about Syria is astonishing.

Little Magic Beans for her different slant on normal things, loved Lara’s Make Your Own Olympic Torch!

Mummy Rates It who’s Bikini Diaries are hilarious and reminded me that I needed to buy a belly bulge cover up swimsuit instead of a daring let-it-all-hang-out one piece for my holidays! Thanks for that Michelle! 😉

NewMummas because like so many others, I could have really used Sarah’s advice when Bambina was born! You can read my birth story too over on the blog.

And without further ado, the ten titbits of information about yours truly:

1) Since having a baby I have developed a love of muffins and in doing so, have created a huge one of my own, right over the top of my jeans!

2) I don’t spend nearly as much time I should looking after my lady bits! I mean doing my eyebrows, painting my toe nails etc – if I can get away with not shaving my legs I will!

3) I have eaten reindeer in Austria, grasshopper in Thailand, crickets in Cambodia and guinea pig in Peru – all were delish!

4) I hate, HATE, liver!

5) I love, LOVE, CSI and can’t believe that Horatio, my Miami superhero will die at the end of this series… Or will he?

6) I think I’m the only person in the world who has paid no attention to the Olympics! Don’t shoot me… !

7) When I was a teenager I had three pet lizards and a ginger cat. My mum hated the latter so let it out of the garden gate one day and it never came home!

8) I want to redesign my blog but can never find the enthusiasm to get started.

9) My husband has just left the house to go attend an interview for a job that he wants, really really wants!

10) In exactly 3 days time, it will be my thirty something birthday! Let’s crack open the Prosecco… !! 🙂


*Thanks to Love All Blogs for the use of the I’m a Beautiful Blogger badge!


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Blogger of the Week!!

As I left the place that pays my bills, I jumped on the bus and took a seat. Out came my iPhone and on went Twitter.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a tweet to me from DorkyMum saying congrats.  For what?

I saw the BritMums tweet right above and clicked on the link.  I, me, Tea&Biscotti, has been given a very prestigious award, that which is comparable to a blogging Oscar, a BritMums Blogger of the Week!!  Me…Blogger of the Week!

Not only have I been crowned by the blogging Monarchy, they have also expressed 1) a like and 2) a desire to try my Lavazza Wimbledon Challenge recipes!!  That’s a desire, and my blog, expressed to about 19,000 people, people!!  Can you chuffing believe it?!

Seriously, I best go and pour myself a cold shot of Limoncello to bring me back down to earth.  Grazie Mille BritMums, that was a much appreciated, lovely end to what has been a rather pooey week. You have single-handedly returned my mojo to its rightful place and are now the proud owners of eternal gratitude.

Awarded by the blogging Monarchy, who’d have thought it?!



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Cybher 2012: Meet & Greet

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be going to Cybher!! My head is bursting already with all the stuff im going to learn. My to-do list is getting longer by the day: order business cards, buy spare iPhone plug/charger, go self-hosted (debatable).

But first, here are five things that you probably don’t know about me:

♥ I’m still a bit crazy about George Michael. I hear the first beats of Wake Me Up Before you Go-Go and it’s like I’m a woman possessed.  I lose all control of my arms and legs – it’s not pretty!

♥ I absolutely love Branston Pickle.. Mmmm.  Give me a cracker with a good slab, and I don’t mean Asda’s own English cheddar, I mean a good slab of English vintage mature with a massive dollop of Branston (always chunky, never smooth) and I’m a gonna.

♥ I love love love travelling and I’ve been to some amazing places so far BUT I do admit I get a bit over excited at receiving my little tray of aeroplane food.  I just love it.  I love opening the little cutlery pack, peeling the foil off the hot food and storing it neatly under the tray so that all the wrappers and dishes dont pile up on each other.  I love the little tiny bread roll and the of course, the cheese and cracker at the end washed down with a miniature sized cup of English Breakfast – ooh its worth going on holiday for!

♥ I hate people who snort their phlegm. Its unnecessary and really really disgusting – get a TISSUE!

♥ My husband and I made the newspapers in Italy for having our wedding webcast to Brazil, Singapore, Dubai and the US so that our friends who couldn’t make it in person could attend on-screen.  We were famous for about a week 🙂

And there you have it, a few titillating nondescript facts about moi.

Do come and say Hi at Cybher, Im only new and could really do with a few wings to nestle under!



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Independents Day: Carrieles de Colombia

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that sometimes I daydream about starting my own business.  It’s the ‘what to do’ that holds me back.  I just don’t think I have an eye for niche spotting.  That doesn’t stop me being interested in others that do and most probably, I look to them for inspiration in the hope that one day my daydreaming will pay off and I’ll have a Eureka moment.

So when I discovered that Karen from All About the Boys was holding a new linky I had to get involved.  Independents Day is a once a month shout out to support hard-working independent businesses.  So rather than feeling like a small fish in a big pond, Independents Day is aiming to make a splash and help get these businesses the recognition we think they deserve.

I know a lovely lady who had a Eureka moment.  She’s smart, she’s gutsy, she’s determined.  She also happens to be one of my closest friends.

So without further ado, let me introduce Carrieles de Colombia, the brainchild of Becky, born and bred right here in Blighty, and her Colombian husband Mauricio. Having been to Colombia three times myself, it is with heartfelt joy that I write this post, not only to alert the world about these amazing bags but also about from where they come. Colombia is a total surprise and long gone are its woes of the past. Colombia stands for totally fabulous people, food, dancing and style. It’s on the up but it is such a shame that more people don’t venture there. Forget Milan, forget Rome, Colombia has a style that the world is yet to witness and that is why Becky and Mauricio have done a fantastic job of bringing a little bit of Colombia to the UK!!

Every woman likes handbags, right? Well, let me tell you, every woman will LOVE these!!  I remember clearly the day I saw Becky’s bag.  A few years ago, a bunch of friends met at Embankment to watch the Marathon and there, on Becky’s left hand, sparkling in the sun was a beautiful Colombian emerald and diamond ring.  Mauricio had proposed the night before.  Hanging off her hip was an unusually trendy, cool bag that I had not seen before, “Congrats on the bling but WHERE did you get that bag??!”…

And so it seems I wasn’t the first and I definitely wont be the last to ask.  It is because of this that in 2011, Carrieles de Colombia was born.

The bags find their inspiration from the Colombian Carriel.  Dating back to over 400 years the Carriel is believed to be a version of a European bag that the Spanish colonisers would have taken with them to Colombia.  Best of all (and I love this bit!), in keeping with Colombian folkloric tradition, all of the Carriel bags contain a secret pocket which is used to keep a love letter from a sweetheart.

Becky discovered the bags on a visit to Cartagena and loved them so much that Mauricio bought one for her directly from the producer. Since stepping off the plane back in the UK, she has continuously received comments about the bag. It was this that led the couple to contact the producer in Medellin to discuss importing the bags to the UK. As well as their range of handbags, Carrieles have also honed in on the need for a unnique and original iPhone cover – I for one will be getting myself one of these little darlings!

After a few design tweaks they received the first batch of samples. The producer of the Carriel had never provided such an order as all bags are handmade and extremely intricate in design, some consisting of colourful stitching, animal hide and all are made of the highest quality leather.

The latest fashion statement in Medellín, Cali and Bogota, Becky used her background in PR to drum up some awareness of the bags and the result has been amazing!

To date, Carrieles have had press coverage in magazines such as In Style, Grazia and Elle with more due in Marie Claire.  Lest not forget that no other than Fearne Cotton is the proud owner of a Dona Becky Carriel! This is an outstanding accomplishment given that both Becky and Mauricio still have full-time jobs. They are working hard to push the brand forward and are planning a few pop-up events across London later this year.

They remain undefeated against their challenges (dealing with Colombians who don’t know British markets, shipping, taxes, generating publicity and generally finding the time) and are absolutely committed and dedicated to the belief in their company.  I’m sure it wont be long until they literally, have it in the bag!!

For more information on Carrieles de Colombia you can visit them at:



Twitter – @Carrielseuk


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