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Halloween Pumpkin Soup

My mother in law taught me how to make this Italian style Zoppa di Zucca, pumpkin soup, so what better night to make it than Halloween?

I found the most perfect, cutest little mini pumpkins, British I may add, that would make an ideal size for Bambina.

All you need to do is chop up the pumpkin into small diced pieces, chop up a few sticks of celery into small bits, add a finely chopped onion and a small diced potato.

Throw that into enough boiling water to just about cover the veg and leave to simmer slowly for about thirty mins. Remember to not leave the pan to boil dry (like I did the first time I made this!).

As this was for Bambina’s supper, I didn’t add salt but did add a pinch of ground black pepper. To make it for adults you can add salt and garlic for flavour and for a twist on a meat version, add crispy pancetta. Delish!

Once all the veggies are soft, mash them down with a fork and stir in a good splash of olive oil.

Serve into a bowl and grate some fresh Parmesan ( like one we brought back from Italy last weekend, nothing like parmesan from a Lattaria!) to make the soup creamy. Enjoy with grissini or a nice piece of focaccia.

What could be more simple? Buon Appetito!!

Happy Halloween (btw, this is Bambina’s first ever scary craft! #proudmummy)

Have you got any pumpkin recipes to share? Do tell.



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La Festa della Mamma

Today is my first ever Mother’s Day and it has been wonderful because after several dodgy gift choices, my husband bought me a really gorgeous present on behalf of Bambina.

Mini pink roses

It’s not a secret that I love gardening.  No, I’m not a pensioner but I do love a bit of the old greenfingery.  I love my little patch of grass and hanging baskets. I love my matching plant pots either side of the front door.  So, he bought me a pink mini rose tree to plant in my garden – mini because I can take it with me which ever house we live in and pink because it’s a symbol of our beautiful little daughter and I can nurture it with her as she and it grow.He also did a little pink handprint inside my card, Bambina’s first ever signature (kind of..).

The guy did good!

Tiny Fingers


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