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Bambina’s Battles

Bambina had her first cat fight.

What actually happened was that she was attacked, right before my eyes.

We arrived at our local library just in time for nursery rhymes and found ourselves a comfortable spot close to the singer. I was sat on the floor with my legs crossed, Bambina perched in the well as though sat on her throne.

She was wearing a Hello Kitty! clip in her hair and it was this that I think attracted the attention of Lara.

Lara, an eighteen month old, was there with her twenty-something ‘im-more-interested-in-applying-a-billionth-stroke-of-mascara-to-my-fake-lashes’ mother. Lara was working her way through the baby crowd whilst her mummy titillated her face, paying no attention to her.

As Lara approached us I said hello as she stretched out a hand to stroke Bambina’s face. Yet, with one fell swoop, she hooked a finger in Bambina’s mouth and yanked her top lip! Bambina let out an almighty scream which startled Lara’s mummy into looking up from her compact mirror to see what the commotion was.

Lara, feeling the glare of her mummy’s eyes through the buckets of Rimmel weighing them down, turned to see what, if any, would be the consequence of her actions. None.

I was astounded! Before I had chance to beckon the mother to come constrain her child, Lara slapped Bambina across the face!!

With that, the Liverpudlian in me kicked in, the veins filled with venom and through gritted teeth and squinted eyes, I yelled at Lara’s mother from the across the room “I think you should put your make up bag down and come remove your unruly child!”.

Bambina, still screaming, clung on to my neck for dear life. Lara’s mother came over to view the damage and instead of apologising merely asked Lara in her mousiest voice possible “why did you do that baby?”.

I was half livid that someone, another baby, treat my daughter like that, and half aware of not to show myself up as a screaming fishwife in front of the other mummies who sat looking on in bewilderment at what had just happened.

The whole thing took about twenty seconds and then was over. I still don’t know if I was more astonished at Lara’s outburst or at her mothers refusal to acknowledge it.

Later as I was recounting the tale to the Italian, he told me “you’a jus’a wait till’a she’s start’a school’a!”.

That’s it. I’m going to have to enrol her in a martial arts class ASAP so that she can karate chop her way out of lip pulling and face slapping by the time she’s two!

That’s the moral of the story isn’t it – it will, without a doubt, happen again.

Has this happened to any of your children? How did you approach the culprits parent without looking and sounding like wailing banshee? How do you encourage your child to stick up for themselves without teaching them aggression?

I would love to hear your stories, drop me a line!


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