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I’m an Artist’s Model…Kind of…

So you know when you’re looking at someone because they’re looking at you but you don’t want them to know you’re looking at them… still with me?….I caught a glance of him in the corner of my eye, arm shifting erratically across the page.  Either the guy a few rows down from me on the train was drawing me or he was suffering from a really bad episode of the shakes!!

Why would anyone get out a sketch pad, on a train and draw me? I kept watching.  His arm was going for it, swishing across and back again, the pen in full sway as though sketching. Sod it! I had to ask!

Just in case I’d gotten it totally wrong, I put on my ‘sorry to both you’ face, eyes slightly squinting, nose scrunched…”excuse me, can I ask? are you drawing me?”

You’ve never seen someones face light up! He was famous! He’d been recognised for his talents at last!

Erh, well, yeah, kind of.  I’m an artist

Can I see, only I’m getting off at the next stop

He turned over his pad – not even a sketch pad but a proper lined ring binder work pad.  The cheek of it…since when did I have a square jaw like that???! and the feet, he gave me garden spades for feet! The funniest thing is the dress…. I was wearing trousers and he put me in a dress!!!  Oh no, the best is the window in the background… that criss-cross thing you see… that’s a pylon!! hahahahaha

Why me? I always attract nutters!!  I don’t know how I kept a straight face, he looked so impressed with himself. The lady opposite him looked so intrigued but she could tell i was mortified.  I said to him, “aah, that’s great, can I take a picture of it to show my husband, he wont believe it”.  Dead right he wouldn’t believe it!

I cracked up laughing as soon as my spade feet hit the platform! God love him, the world would be a strange place if we were all the same.

Michael Angelo has nothing on this guy!


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