Outside My Garden

13 Sep

One of the things I love so much about going to my in-laws house is the food. Home grown, fresh, out of the garden produce.

When I get up in the morning and open the shutters, if I look straight ahead all I can see, as far stretched to the mountains and back again, are rows and rows of grape vines. Big, green, juicy grapes ready to be picked and served as a cool chilled glass of Pinot on a sunny day.

If I look to the right where a local farmer has recently claimed the land, I can see rows and rows of soya from which we naughtily pick the pea pods for tossing into a crisp salad.

Looking to the left, I can see tall raspy reeds of grass that hide sunshine yellow pods of corn that are just waiting to be buttered and crunched!

In our actual garden there are pumpkins growing, which makes for the tastiest risotto.

There are zucchini from which we pull the golden yellow flowers and fry them for Sunday lunch starters. There are the tiniest cantaloupe melons you’ve ever seen and their size makes them ultra sweet and finally there are tomatoes. Four different varieties of luscious red ripe vine tomatoes that we pick every day, wash, slice, add a pinch of salt, kiss with home pressed olive oil and a splash of balsamic. I say kiss by way of meaning not to drown, it would be such a shame to smother the flavour by adding too much oil.

Ten days of home-grown fresh as you like food is the best of any fuel for the soul. Consequently, I am full of grand designs to create my own veggie patch once we have sold our stamp sized apartment and traded it in fit a mansion.

What do you grow in your garden?

*all fotos are my own


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