A Little Diamond

12 Sep

When the Italian proposed, it wasn’t like every girls dream where the knight in shining armour races in on a horse then gets down in one knee to reveal a giant whopping platinum diamond ring.

Believe me, I could forego the knight and horse no problem but if I’m really honest, the ring would have been nice. However, at the time the Italian was a mature full-time student so I knew I was about to say yes to marrying him because I saw a good future with him. That meant that in the present, some things had to be sacrificed including the whopping diamond ring.

To my surprise, I didn’t care thatmuch. I was just happy to be marrying him. It doesn’t harm a girl to dream, does it?

Here are a few whoppa’s from my Pinterest board La Lia Bella Matrimonio, that, given half the chance, I probably wouldn’t have turned my nose up at!


This is massive and way too big for me but I can’t help swoon!


I do like matching ring sets but I feel they’re a bit over done these days. Still, I wouldn’t say no if I was gifted one!


When we went window shopping to Hatton Garden I tried on mostly precious stone rings as solitaire diamonds don’t suit my hand. I absolutely adore sapphires and this vintage style sapphire and diamond ring is right up my strada! Yes please!


I could also be partial to an emerald. In fact, I have four lovely little emerald stones sitting in a box in my bedroom that were gifted to me by a friend for my 30th birthday. One day I’ll turn them into something beautiful!


I think Aquamarine is also really elegant and obviously paired with diamonds it’s just stunning. I always swoon over the massive rock that Kirsty Allsopp wears on Location, Location, Location. And, Mummy Rates It… Don’t think I didn’t notice yours! Stunning.

And last but by no means least, any of these would go down a treat – I’m not fussy! (and if you believe that, you believe anything!).

Was your other half a little diamond by gifting you with a stunning gem?



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3 responses to “A Little Diamond

  1. Michelle

    September 12, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    Thanks for the mention. I should just leave it there and walk away leaving you thinking that Kirsty Allsopp and I have something in common….

    However, I won’t let you think I’ve got a mega rock on my finger. It’s actually not an aqua marine – it’s as step up from an aqua marine. I can’t remember the name for it but it does have one. It belonged to my Great Aunt and I inherited it because I’ve always had a thing for aquamarine.
    I keep thinking I might buy myself one but it could never be as precious to me as my Auntie’s one.

    When we got engaged we were at Glastonbury festival – we didn’t go down the big bling route. Alex gave me a band with little stones in it but I now can’t get it on my finger as my wedding ring is so big. That’s not to say big in the bling stakes – it’s just very thick silver bands with a gold band by a contemporary jeweller. If I wore both I can’t bend my finger!

    One day a ring may come your way but you’ve got your jewel already, haven’t you? Hope his first days at work have gone well.

  2. Katie

    September 20, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    I got a very beautiful platinum diamond solitaire- although it certainly isn’t as big as some of these whoppers! x

    • Tea&Biscotti

      September 27, 2012 at 7:44 pm

      Lucky you!! ..and one day it will be Mads’ 🙂


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