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09 Aug

I’m ashamed to say that quite a while ago, the lovely people at Focus PR asked me if I wanted a bottle of Harveys Bristol Cream. To be honest, I didn’t really know what it was but said ‘why not’ anyway.

A holiday, a sick child, a sick mummy, a house sale and a defunct laptop have severely delayed my ability to review Harveys so without further ado…

A neighbour of mine thought that Harveys Bristol Cream was along the same lines as Bailey’s and would be great in a coffee or espresso, rather like an Italian version of an Irish Coffee. When the bottle arrived, I realised that it wasnt anything like Bailey’s at all and I suddenly remembered that this is what my grandma used to drink with a slice of christmas cake. Why on earth would I be sent a bottle of old people’s plonk?

Harveys Bristol Cream is no longer a pensioners tipple. Oh no! It has been blinged up into a cocktail mix and these days can be seen in your favourite bars, restaurants and garden parties being served in Sangria style punches and sipped as a sundowner on ice with a slice, or orange, not lemon! Is Harveys the new PIMMS? It certainly is a sophisticated drink, not one to be downed in a shot glass or drunkenly slobbered over.  Harveys requires a sticking out pinky finger and delicate elegant sips drank in the atmosphere of a London outdoor concert picnic accompanied with the finest prosciuttos and chunky olives.  Harveys is made exclusively from grapes grown at Harveys own vineyards and blended in the traditional method at its bodegas in Jerez in southern Spain, it has a deep golden colour with fragrant aromas and tastes sensationally silky and smooth.

Where have I been these last few years? Clearly off the cocktail scene, that’s where! As I don’t partake too much these days in cocktail drinking, I wondered what I would do with this bottle of booze. I placed it neatly in our drinks cabinet and left it there for a few days.


A few evenings later, the Italian entered the room with a plate of biscotti and a two shot glasses.  Shot glass? Didnt I say Harveys shouldnt be drunk from a shot glass?  Well, cold frost bitten Italian winters reqiuire a customary dip of biscotti into a hearty warm glass of sherry. It really is delicious! Given the British weather a few weeks ago, I liked his thinking so I helped myself to a glass and a biscotti and got dipping!. Yum! Harveys Bristol Cream didn’t disappoint.

It seemed the British weather left its mark on me as I soon came down with a stinking cold. With no cold or flu remedies in the house, the Italian took to the Harveys to make me a hot toddy; hot lemonade, the juice of half a fresh lemon and two greedy shots of Harveys Bristol Cream. It went down a treat and warmed me in places where the British weather couldn’t reach!

I’m not sure that this is a beverage that I would make a regular habit of but then again it’s not an everyday drink. For special occasions, holidays, treats (Grandma’s Christmas hamper), I would certainly recommend it but for my personal use, I found its benefits in restoring my health!

If you want to try some cocktail making with Harveys Bristol Cream, do take a look at their website for inspiration. Let me know how you get on!

Harveys Frosted Apple & Ginger

Harveys frosted apple and ginger is bursting with effervescent flavours and is great to mix in a punch bowl to share with friends.

Fill a highball glass with ice (crushed ice looks even better!)

Pour over 50ml Harveys Bristol Cream and 50ml premium pressed apple juice. Top up with a dash of ginger ale

Swirl with a cinnamon stick and leave in the glass. Garnish with a sprig of mint and apple slices

Harveys over ice with a slice of orange

The simplest of serves, Harveys over ice with a slice of orange brings out the taste of candied orange and perfectly complements the dried fruit and toasted almond flavours of this delicious sherry.

Place two or three cubes of ice in a tumbler

Pour over 50ml Harveys Bristol Cream

Garnish with a slice of orange

*Harveys Bristol Cream (75cl RRP £9.22) is widely available across the UK.


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