03 Jun

Sticking with my no rush, no fuss, no bake theme, I came across a recipe for a summer pudding in one of my dust bitten books.  Again, as my brain swished and swashed in merriment at what I could do next for my Lavazza Wimbeldon (did I tell you that Lavazza is the sponsor of Wimbledon? Got a sneaky feeling I’m repeating myself a tad..!), #CoffeeSetMatch challenge, I was hit by a light bulb moment.  Of course, that wont take any time at allll….

My Gelato Pie is a sort of British summer fruit pudding disguised as an arctic roll – both classics in my childhood so this has to be a winner!  It takes about 10 minutes to make, looks impressive and tastes delish!

This week, I have had a head bursting with the nonsense going on in my life at the moment so to be able to drum something like this up is nothing short if a miracle if you ask me!

Right, spoons at the ready…. tuck in!

What You Need:

1 shop made chocolate swiss roll (you could be adventurous if time allows and make your own and it doesn’t have to be chocolate but… well, I like chocolate so my choice is my prerogative)

2 shots of Lavazza strong Interra espresso coffee

Lots of soft scoop ice cream (I used Neapolitan as it looks good but if you wanted just one flavour than chocolate or vanilla works best)

What You Do:

Line the bowl with clingfilm (it makes it easy to get the pie out later)

Make the coffee and pour into a deep dish bowl

Chop the roll into slices and place around the edge of the bowl after having soaked up a bit of coffee in each slice – make sure the bowl is completely covered

Scoop the ice cream out of the container and put it into the bowl, over the swiss roll, until the bowl is full

Cover everything with the cling film and place in the freezer for about an hour

When frozen, cut into slices to reveal the rainbow of the Gelato Pie inside

*You could also make this nice Gelato Pie very naughty by making it boozy – add Amoretto or Sambucca Café to the sponge along with the coffee.  If you do, I would only recommend to use Vanilla ice cream otherwise the flavours will become too many.

If you fancy winning a prize, you should look out for promotional cups on take away Lavazza coffees, or enter online.  Prizes include six pairs of tickets to Wimbledon, 90 Lavazza A Modo Mio Favola Plus Wimbledon Limited Edition coffee machines and 500 sets of four exclusive espresso cups created especially for the tournament.


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