15 May

On a day like today when it’s cold, grey and wet, there’s nothing I like more than to cuddle up on the sofa with my family, wooly blanket over our legs, and watch old movies.

I have been feeling a little unwell today and was in desperate need of something to warm my cold bones.

Only my Minty Mocha would do the trick and what better to make it all the more luxurious than a big splash of Lavazza coffee! Add a little splash of peppermint and a huge dollop of cocoa, nicely finished off with a milky froth and a chocolate sprinkle! There you have it, a big coffee hug to keep you warm!

If you are feeling let down by the miserable British weather, warm your bones with a bit of Italy and make yourself a delicious Lavazza Minty Mocha.

What you need:

1 Pink (of course) A Modo Mio capsule

1 Peppermint tea bag

1 cup of hot milk

1 table-spoon of cocoa

Chocolate flakes

What you do:

Stew a peppermint teabag in 50ml of boiled water until strong

Make an espresso with the A Modo Mio capsule and pour into the peppermint when done

Add the espresso and the peppermint to the hot milk and stir in the cocoa

Add the froth of the milk to the top of the cup and sprinkle a frosting of angel dust, urh, I mean, chocolate!


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