Find Madeleine!

12 May

Today, 12th May 2012, Madeleine McCann will be celebrating her nineth birthday. Five of these years have been spent away from family, away from siblings, away from her parents. We, they, still dont know where she is and who she will be celerating her birthday with today.

Madeleine has been missing since 3rd May 2007 from Praia de Luz, Portugal.

I accept that we all have opinions on this case but if you are a mummy, a sister, a daughter, a grandmother, I ask you to imagine if this little girl was one of yours.. wouldnt you want her home? I urge you to put any judgements you have aside and remember, there is still a little girl out there who needs to be found. Thats why A Mummys View and Tea&Biscotti have started the #Blogging4Madeleine campaign. This is a call out to all bloggers to get involved and raise awareness, post out her new-age photograph, post out the Find Madeleine information, tweet, retweet, Stumble Upon, DiggIt, Google+ – use every social media tool available to you to help bring this little girl home!


Your local police force immediately, AND

Operation Grange: 0207 321 9251 (in the UK) / +44 207 321 9251 (non-UK)

Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555111 or


Vlog credits to @sinisterjag

All photos and contact details from

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7 responses to “Find Madeleine!

  1. Susan

    May 13, 2012 at 4:12 am

    Hey there, thank you for sharing your blog with us.
    I agree with you fully about Madeleine. Instead of hurting her parents, people should be concentrating on getting the word out there about this beautiful little girl, just as your are. Thank you.x


    May 13, 2012 at 6:51 am

    Well done for getting this campaign up and running, helping keep Madeleine front of mind is so important in the search to find out where she is xx

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  4. The Fabulous Mom's Guide.

    May 18, 2012 at 4:55 pm

    I have finally got my Madeline post up on the blog. I wanted it ready for the launch but somehow life got in the way. I just wanted to say congratulations for your success in this campaign. Both you and Amummysview are amazing. Well done.


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