Lets Go Shwopping!

05 May

Readers who live in the UK will have heard about Marks & Spencer’s new campaign called “Shwopping”.

When you spend £35 on clothing, home and beauty products in M&S stores and online and you donate an item of your own clothing, you get £5 off your bill.  Not a bad swap!  You can donate any brand of clothing, it doesn’t have to have been bought from M&S.  If you’re not buying anything, you can still donate old clothes by simply dropping them in one of the Shwop Boxes dotted around the stores.   Meanwhile, Marks & Spencer have teamed up with Oxfam who are benefitting from receiving the clothes and will be shipping them globally to those in need.

Last weekend, whilst on a trek around town, I accidentally stumbled across the Marks & Spencer Shwop Lab. I wondered what on earth all these clothes were doing hanging outside the building and when I got closer I realised what it was.

Did you know that we throw away 10,000 garments to land fill ever five minutes. That us an incredible one billion garments to land in the UK alone each year. Discarded clothes, usually in great condition, that other people would be greatly for.  M&S are urging the nation to take part in this ‘buy one / give one’ appeal.

Here are a few pics that I took to share with you:

Clothes on the floor, walls, trees, everywhere!

A clothes bicycle, a clothes bench, even a clothes dog!

Don’t Ditch it! Shwop it!

Can you believe someone Shwopped this gorgeous party dress?

Pretty bold: Change the World, SHWOP!

 There really are some quite amazing charity events going on in London at the moment.  If you don’t live in London, or the UK for that matter, but still want to get involved, contact a local store with the idea and see if you can run your own Shwopping event for Oxfam! If you do… let me know!! I’d love to hear about it.



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2 responses to “Lets Go Shwopping!

  1. mummydaddyme

    May 6, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    They are pretty amazing pics! x


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