And the Winner is…

04 May

As Bambina reached into the glass bowl of folded up pieces of scrap paper on which I had scribbled names of the lucky entrants to the BabyBoomBoom giveaway, I encouraged her to dig deep!

There she had it, in her tiny little fingers, all curled up in a scrunched ball. I took it off her and slowly unfolded the paper.  The black ink words spelled out *Cue Drum Roll*……..G…A…E…L…I…C…M…E…D..I..U…M…M..U…M.

Horaah! Such a worthy winner as I would imagine, and i might be totally wrong, that there aren’t too many children’s goodies out there in both English and Scottish Gaelic.  Thank you to BabyBoomBoom for coming to the rescue!

I do hope that Gaelic Medium Mum’s little ones enjoy their musical treat as much as Bambina enjoys hers!

Please do hop on over to BabyBoomBoom to get yourself a little musical action! Go on, I dare you!

Thank you to the other entrants, your comments are appreciated.


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