Mother Knows Breast #4

16 Apr

Mother Knows Breast #1

Mother Knows Breast #2

Mother Knows Breast #3

I need help. HELP is what I need.

It’s not a secret that Bambina is lactose intolerant (allergic to cows milk protein) and this is not assisting me, so far, in the quest to end my duties as milk machine.  I have loved breast-feeding, really really loved it but the time has come to turn the page and close the chapter.

Bambina is now ten months old. At six months I tried her with SMA in a bottle. The bottle, surprisingly, wasnt an issue. She seemed to find it quite intriguing. The milk however was a huge issue. She drank it willingly after experimenting a few times but then I noticed she had red blotches around her mouth. Her skin had flared but she seemed otherwise content. It looked like little strawberry mark dots rather than a rash. Whilst watching to see if she would drink the milk I noticed the dots were from the teat having touched the skin. How odd. After a while the redness went away so I thought nothing further of it. Until, after about one hour, she was violently sick.

I thought it might have been a reaction to that particular brand so waited a few days and then tried her with another, then another and then another. Aptamil, HIPP Organic, SMA, nothing worked and all had the same reaction.  As she was eating yogurt and cheese without a reaction I knew it wasn’t a diary issue. So, after several visits to the GP (who was as much use as a mans nipple!) I took the plunge and booked her in with a pediatrician at a local private hospital.

The doctor there told me that this is very common and is something that she will hopefully grow out of once past the age of one. He prescribed lactose and soya free formula and suggested I give it to her three times a day.

After another visit to the pediatrician, I begged and pleaded for help and his (yes, it was a man!) help and the only option left was to try her with full fat Soya milk and “she how she gets on and come back if there are any issues”.

Are you kidding me?? Any issues??  Of course there are issues:  my child is sucking the living daylights out of my breasts, I’m udderly exhausted because im STILL not getting any sleep, she now even knows how to pull my top up (and down) which causes no end of embarrassment when out of the house!  Issues? If Bambina continues like this, I’ll have no boobs left. I’ll end up wearing one of these scarves for the rest of my life!!

Previously I had heard and read so many stories about weaning off the breast and what you should do with the milk:

♥ For the first week, mix three-quarters of a bottle of expressed milk with one-quarter formula – decreasing the breast milk by a little each day until only formula is being used

♥ For the first week, continue to breast feed but introduce formula by mixing with breakfast cereal so that the baby gets used to the taste before attempting a whole bottle

♥ Deprive the baby of any drink, other than formula – she’ll drink it when she’s thirsty (and of course because there is nothing else..)

I tried the first which seemed more sensible. She turned her nose up, every time. I don’t really blame her as the prescription milk stinks! I tried the second but again she wasn’t fooled and simply turned her head and pushed the bowl away. The third wasnt an option. I wasn’t going to force my baby into dehydration!!

I’m at a loss. I’ve tried everything.  I’ve been consistent, same time, same place, same amount. It has been such a pleasurable experience to breast feed my child but the ending is such an anti climax.

I want my boobs back!!  I want to wear an uplift (because I need one!!) underwired bra!! I do not want to wear a boobie scarf!!

To anyone who is reading my plea, if you have experienced the same or similar mums milk/ cows milk / soya milk issues, I beg you to tell me how you survived the transition and came out the other with both boobs still intact.

Please do leave me a comment.  I’m failing at this miserably.

God Save the Boob!!


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4 responses to “Mother Knows Breast #4

  1. Carolyn

    April 16, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    My baby girl is/was lactose intolerant (I think she’s grown out of it but I’m still testing the waters with a little dairy at a time). You’ve done really well – I weaned her onto formula at 3 months as I couldn’t take not being able to have any dairy myself while I was breastfeeding. Selfish, I know but I struggled! Anyway – I was lucky as she took to the lactose free formulas fine (they do stink!) but that may be because she was so much younger. She’s now on goats milk.

    • Tea&Biscotti

      April 16, 2012 at 9:23 pm

      We tried her with goats milk but she was sick too – its all about the protein contained in mammals. What a chore! You’re so lucky for it to have worked out!

  2. mummydaddyme

    April 17, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    I don’t have any advice but I just wanted to say I love the picture! xx

    • Tea&Biscotti

      April 18, 2012 at 7:50 am

      Thanks! Next time you see me I’ll be wearing one of those scarves if I can’t sort this out pronto!


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