Ciao Ciao Cioccolato

12 Apr

I’m not a huge celebrant of Easter usually. The whole God and resurrection thing aside, I’m not that into the bunny thing. Chocolate? Well of course I’m into that, BIG TIME!

Perhaps it’s because in years gone by, I’ve always been hungover on Easter day (well long weekends were made for twenty something’s to recover from long partly nights!). Now I’m a thirty something, Easter weekend is a mad dash to cram in a mini break, a spa hotel, even a spot of shopping.

That’s exactly what we did, kind of. We bundled what seemed like everything in our stamp sized apartment into the boot of the car and headed up North for a romantic mini break to the best hotel ever… My mums house! Where, I was able to go to the spa (or at least have a bath) uninterrupted, have a lovely no-voucher-required dinner and generally chillax the heck out!

My mum wanted to make a fuss on Easter day, for Bambina obviously. I didn’t think she would understand about eggs and chocolate at ten months. She had never even tasted chocolate!!

So how on earth did her little eyes light up as soon as she spotted the Cadbury bunny jumping out at her from the purple foil wrapper?? Amazing! Her little jazz hands were going ten to the dozen (egg pun intended). She couldn’t wait to get here mitts on it.

My mum handed it over and whoosh, the purple and gold foil was yanked off in almost one piece! She held the chocolate egg in both her hands, studied it, and then with a loud “Mmmm…” lifted it to her mouth and slowly licked it from top to bottom in one go before letting out a huge cheeky grin.

How did she know to do that?? I had just witnessed my baby daughters first mini break to chocolate heaven.

She carried on licking whilst her little finger nails dug deeper into the egg to make sure it couldn’t escape. Crack! The side caved in to reveal three huge pieces. In one fell swoop all three made their way into her mouth. Her face was covered in it. Her hands were covered in it. I was covered in it.

I don’t give Bambina sweets or crisps or junk and as you may know, I make all of her food myself. Being the Easter party pooper that I am, I wasnt too keen on giving her chocolate. Yet to have watched her in this much enjoyment and excitement was just lovely. Thank you mum for twisting my arm, dare I say it… You’re always right!

And so this Easter I am thankful for my family, for my little home-made mini spa break up north and I’m thankful that chocolate indulgence of this nature is only once a year!!

“Ok Bambina, that’s enough now. Say Bye Bye Easter bunny, Bye Bye Cadbury’s rabbit. Say Ciao Ciao Cioccolato..”.

Until next year..



Posted by on April 12, 2012 in Liverpool


2 responses to “Ciao Ciao Cioccolato

  1. Debbie Young

    April 13, 2012 at 7:31 am

    I reckon the best bet is to prevent chocolate from becoming a forbidden fruit. While not especially wanting Laura to become a sweet-eater, I do have a photo of her aged 11 months putting an Easter egg in her mouth that looks about as big as her head. Yet now she can take it or leave it and has only just finished her Halloween chocolate and has yet to start Xmas chocolate Santa. (But don’t mistake me for too virtuous a person – I have got a secret packet of Paynes’ Poppets in my handbag that don’t look likely to make it through to Monday!)

  2. Tea&Biscotti

    April 13, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    I had this very conversation with my mum over Easter.. that I shouldn’t “deprive” her in case she then grows up to stuff her face with everything I’ve told her not to. So I let her eat chocolate! As long as its only on occasion that’ fine but not every day – I can’t stand to see mothers shoving packets of crisps and sausage rolls etc etc into their children’s mouths… what’s wrong with a banana or an apple? Don’t get me wrong, Im the worlds worst ofr junk, I love a good munch on rubbish but thats what is helping me to think more healthily with regard to what habits I want Bambina to pick up – and I’d rather she eat an apple than a mars bar.
    I wont deprive her… I just wont let her have it every day.
    Anyways, must dash…ive got a half eaten chunky KitKat I must finish off! *joking* 🙂 x


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