My Week That Was #11

19 Mar

Usually for My Week That Was I have a fair bit to chat about but I honestly can’t remember what I’ve dont this week!

Other than….On Wednesday I came a cropper when my I had quiet little night of cocktails planned with my mummy friends that I had accidentally on purpose forgotten to tell my husband about. Now that I am back earning paper and coins, he is playing bodyguard and accompanying bambina to her mass of appointments.  Once of which, is to a Daddy & Daughters playgroup.  They both love it.  He loves it so much that he sprang it on me that he was “going to the pub”!  He doesn’t even drink! Going to the pub.. on Wednesday!  Nooo, I thought, that’s my night out, the one I accidentally on purpose didn’t tell you about.

In my momentary panic of letting a cosmopolitan go by the way side yet again, I all fo a sudden slipped into good wife mode: “aaah you, oh fabulous, have fun darling”.  I was actually happy for him to go to the pub, to chat with other men about babies (do men who meet each other at baby groups actually talk about babies when they go to the pub? I must ask him what they talked about!) and to just, well, not be with me.  It’s a good thing.

Whilst he was out on a date with his daddy mates, I indulged myself with a bit online retail therapy.  How card can ordering you weekly shop online be?? VERY!!  I don’t have the patience for it! How can you guestimate the size of a butternut quash in kilo’s? I had visions of one of those mammoth competition winning vegetables turning up on my doorstop after me having just forked out £300 for the privilege of it!  I actually enjoy going food shopping so why I had let a friend convince me otherwise I’ll never know. I’m not cut out for it, give me a trolley over a basket any day!

On Friday I had a cook-a-thon as bambina’s munchies were a bit thin on the ground.  You can check out my very own home-made Italian baby recipes right here and also here!

On Saturday, bambina had the sniffles so we had a really lovely morning in our PJ’s, tucked up under the duvet reading all of her favourite books.  Who would think that an almost ten month old would choose which book she wants to read? Bambina does.

I made her scrambled egg with mushroom and cheese for breakfast and she devoured it and fell asleep on my shoulder for at least an hour.  I love those moments, when she’s all tucked up into me, arm slung over my should with fingers entangled into my hair.  I can feel her dribbling through sleep on my neck. It’s the warmest, most cuddly, most precious feeling when your baby is so comfortable and safe asleep on you – love it.

Mothers Day.  Sunday was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  My husband for once (well twice, as he did buy me a diamond ring in Dubai last year) bought me a beautiful gift for my first ever Mothers Day.  A mini pink rose tree to match my mini pink rose! I adore it and I’ll cherish it always – and promise to remember to water and prune it and not leave it to dry up and suffocate like the Orchards he usually buys me!

Bambina got me a gift all of her own – her second tooth!!  That’s why she had been full of cold.  The tooth.  She looks so cute with her little two tiny teeth but I’m sure those cute but sharp two tiny teeth are going to do some damage!! Did I tell you I’m still breastfeeding?!  oouch…

I promise that next week will be much more eventful and I wont be late in submitting my post to MummyDaddyandMeMakesThree

There you have it, My Week That Was x

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