The Mothership

17 Mar

As my first ever Mothering Sunday as a mummy looms,  I have been thinking more about my own mum and the sacrifices she has made throughout her life for me.

Lately I’ve been surrounded by news of how women should be on “the Board”.  My very grounded attitude to all this, is this: If you want to be on the board, you make sacrifices of either having no children or someone else helping to bring them up.  If you don’t want to be on the board, you bring up your own children but you’ll probably never be Prime Minster – you will however always be Super Woman in the eyes of your children.

My mum was Super Woman to me when I was growing up.  Here’s a little list of the all the lovely things that I hold dear, that I don’t forget and why my mum is still Super Woman to me :

She brought me up on her own – fabulously.

She had three jobs – four if you include raising me.

She used to leave me a treat on the end of the bed every Friday for having been good at school.

She would let me win at ten pin bowling even though she was really good.

She used to get dressed up in silly clothes and entertain me and my friends.

She drove me to school discos. She drove me everywhere.

In the summer she would make us a glass of Cream Soda with a blob of ice cream and we would share it sat on the garden step.

She used to let me drink lager and lime when I was 15.

She sold our house so that I could go to University.

She walked me down the aisle!

I have a very close relationship with my mum, we’re the best of friends, we rely on each other.  We need each other. I don’t really function without her and at the grand old age of thirty something I still can’t properly make a decision without asking her what she thinks.

My mum has done wonders with me and I tell her every single day how much she is loved and appreciated.  She doesn’t need to be on a “Board”, she’s already surpassed that… She’s Super Woman!!

* I gave a book to my mum the night before she walked me down the aisle.  It was a book of all my favourite things about her.  This is one of the photos and I am thrilled to say that I dont look like that anymore 🙂  Mum, on the other hand, is as beaituful and elegant as ever!

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