My Week That Was #10

10 Mar

There are only a few things I’m allowed to say about this past week.  For legal/work/need-my-job reasons, I wont go into detail about how my return to work was other than first day back was emotional.  By Friday, I was thankful it was over purely to spend two whole days with my baby.  Other than the W word, which in time will become normal again, my week has been rather good.  Here’s why:

I won the Laikonik Once-A-Year book from the giveaway over at MummyDaddyandMeMakesThree. It’s a lovely momento and I really wanted it.  I could have just bought one but that’s not the point, I wanted to win it..and now I have! Tadaa..

My blog was recommended to the Baby Centre by a PR guru working with mummy bloggers – I played no part in this, it was all done on her own initiative.  Very good work.

I got some fabulous feedback about my lovely blog:

The Mum Panel  left a great comment on my The C Word  post saying that it was the funniest they had read out of all the posts submitted for #dosomethinggood.  Given the topic was about cancer and those who have survived it, I thought it was pretty good to get a comedy award (Ok, it was comment, not an actual award but still…), although it wasnt my intentionat all to be comical.

I got lovely feedback via Twitter from my new discovery, A Little Travel Guide, that I tried to paste, as a tweet, into this post. I got so annoyed with it that I gave up – I wanted it to look all pretty and professional but no such luck. This is what she said in the tweet:

“oh yes you’re a very good blogger, I’m reading through your older posts now, loving it, its straight from the heart :)”

I was also added to the blogroll of The Crummy Mummy  (thanks Charlotte, you’re lovely!)

And last but not least, I have been approached to write a guest post for Charming Italy and MoreThanMummies.  I’m absolutely thrilled that I am being given the opportunity to do this and can’t wait to get started!

I’m also toying with the idea of starting a new, monthly, linky.  I’ve been inspired by a lot of womanly things week perhaps the first week of every month will be …….wait for it……..”Wonder Woman Week” – ohh yes, the new linky.  Ok, I’ve convinced myself. All to be revealed in a later post.  Exciting!

This post was written in conjunction with My Week That Was over at MummyDaddyandMeMakesThree.

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One response to “My Week That Was #10

  1. Katie

    March 14, 2012 at 8:44 pm

    Sounds like you have had a rather fabulous blogging week! Looking forward to reading your fab new linky. xx


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