My Week That Was #8

26 Feb

Most of the time I can’t remember what I did yesterday, let alone at the start of the week.  So when I read a blog post by MummyDaddyandMeMakesThree inviting other bloggers to link in to My Week That Was, I saw it as a massive grey matter challenge 1) because 9 months in my baby brain still hasn’t diminished and 2) I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish this ditty as I’m currently receiving evil eye glances from The Almighty (my loud typing is interrupting his date with Jeremy Clarkson. All hail for Top Gear!).

Seriously, If I can’t remember my week, that means it wasn’t too eventful, right? Therefore, do I think that blog readers and bloggers alike want to know about my nondescript activities? Lord knows, I’m new to this…apparently they do. Here goes:

Monday 20th: Clean up house day.  After returning from a weekend in Northampton, I made like a good wife and sorted out the bag unpacking/ washing/ cleaning/ food shopping/ general dogs bodying. My new niece, Arianna, was born in Italy 🙂  My baby has lost her crown 😦

Tuesday 21st: Took principessa to Baby Bounce at the library which was a total waste of time – the guy singing was useless! Not enigmatic at all, sung like a mouse, the mums got bored (some left mid Twinkle Star) and the babies cried.  Principessa just sat there, on my knee, good as gold, taking it all in.  Then, one of the mums (actually, I think she was a nanny?) took the initiative to belt out a rendition of five little ducks! Everyone happy.

Wednesday 22nd: Day from HELL – the first time I left my little gem with the childminder.  I dreaded it all week.  I met the lady all confident and “I can do this!” but as soon as she asked how I was, I crumbled.  The tears fell as I pushed my most precious belonging into the arms of a stranger (I’m such a bad mother!). I cried all the way home paranoid that the drivers of the on-coming traffic would be thinking I was a total nut job for walking down the street with a snotty nose and frog eyes!

Then I got to home to one nice thing and one not so nice thing: Nice – delivery of a gift from Italialicious, not so nice thing – husband’s aunt had had a haemorage so we had to rush to the hospital, where we spent most of the day trying to be quiet (he’s Italian, she’s Italian, it was a tough task!), sweating (why are hospitals always so sticky hot?) and basically preying that aforementioned stranger hadn’t run off to Uzbekistan with my child!

Thursday 23rd: More hospital visits. Another baby bounce, same songs, different library (the one where I fell off a sponge chair a few weeks ago in front of about 30 people, probably because my post-baby backside was 4 times wider than the chair, not embarrassing at all!) and then music and lights toy shopping for little lady.

Friday 24th: Swimming lesson – I LOVED it. She LOVED it. Afternoon baby group (why do they call it baby group when it’s actually an excuse for mothers to drink copious amounts of tea and stuff themselves silly with various varieties of home-made cake – I don’t do this at all of course!) and then to the park to enjoy the weather.  Little Miss went on a swing for the first time and rightly so, LOVED it, squealed in delight, kicked her legs and shouted ‘Mammamamamamamama’ at the top of her voice, my heart melts!

Saturday 25th: Me, him and her went for lunch at the South Bank, fed the ducks in Hyde Park and had more funon the swings and ended the day talking to a man about a very doable business idea.  Excited.Cautious.

Sunday 26th: Knocked out a loaf, got to supermarket at 9.05am to discover that it didn’t open until 11am.  How shocking is that, don’t supermarkets realise that stay-at-home mothers are up with the lark on Sunday – there is no day of rest for us! Later, a lovely lunch at a friend’s house talking all things weddings > more tea, more cake!

Every evening, I have been researching other people’s blogs trying to get a flavour of what my own should be.  I thought I knew my groove but really I don’t.  I think I’m veering towards mummy blogger? I set up a Tea&Biscotti Facebook page which hasn’t proved that successful because only five out of the loads of people I reached out to have ‘liked’ it.  My blog stats however, have more than doubled overnight – that’s got to be a good sign?!

My memory serves me much better than I first thought.

And that was my week that was.


Posted by on February 26, 2012 in London


3 responses to “My Week That Was #8

  1. wouldliketobeyummy (@wouldliketobe)

    February 27, 2012 at 8:39 pm

    Sounds like a pretty busy week. I must take mine swimming again as they love it and we haven’t been since Christmas 🙂

    • Tea&Biscotti

      March 20, 2012 at 8:58 pm

      Bambina absolutely loves the water, she goes crazy as soon as we get in the changing room!

  2. Tea&Biscotti

    February 27, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    I always feel like I don’t do much so this post was a reminder that I actually do achieve quite a lot – I’ll be going back to work for a rest! 🙂


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