Italialicious: Pimp My Gift

23 Feb

Yesterday I had what started as a really rubbish day.

I took my daughter to the childminder for the first time and left her for a whole two hours. My goodness, what is that feeling called? I have never experienced such an emotion like it; heart wrenching emptiness. There she was all tucked up in her pram with that ‘you’re up to something mummy!’ look on her face. I tried not to make eye contact with her as I practically launched the pram into the hands of the childminder before hot footing it home whilst trying to look like I wasnt crying! Cry? in the street? in front of everyone? Oh yes I did, full on tears and snot, no tissue, no handkerchief, only a hand to wipe it all away. It was awful.

When I got home a blubbering wreck, I was greeted at the door by a UPS man.  No way!! It wasn’t a prank after all. I couldn’t believe it. I had half believed it might be true but the sceptic in me thought otherwise.  In my first few days as a blogger I was trying in vain to get to grips with Twitter and came across Italialicious,

“Top quality Italian food and wines delivered in luxury handcrafted boxes. A unique selection of the best Pasta, Desserts, Sauces, Olive Oils and Luxury Wines linked to an express delivery service able to cover the globe within 72 hours from the moment you place your order”

The Deluxe Dessert Gift Box

Lo and behold after a few back and forths, I had been promised a promo box. I couldn’t believe my luck as my blog was only about three days old!!  I had heard about bloggers getting free stuff but to be honest, that’s not why I started blogging.  I do it to explore my creative outlet (cue laughing fit!).

Italialicious just seemed like a cool thing to review.  I love Italy, I think it’s delicious…let’s crack on!  My UPS man handed over a rather large box which my husband, after almost rugby tackling me to the floor, grabbed to open.  I managed to leave the box in the kitchen,untouched, until after dinner.  Until after I had collected my daughter from the childminder, all happy and sleepy-eyed, after not having shed a single tear for the whole two hours!  Until I had cleaned the house. Until I had been to the shops to buy my principessa a pink bath seat.  Until I had a spare moment to sit down with a nice cup of Earl Grey and really enjoy my tea & biscotti!


The delivery – I was intrigued to see whether Italialicious delivered within 72hours from despatch date, even though it was a promo gift.  They did. Tick.

The gift box – I was immediately impressed by the box.  My husband, being the Italian, hadn’t even noticed that the box is created in the colours of Italy: a green box, lined in red with a red sleeve stating the Italialicious Think-click-Enjoy logo in white.  Clever I thought.  Tick.

Italialicious gift box & logo

The goods

Italialicious deluxe dessert gift box

One luxury bag of pear and chocolate biscotti – Although tasty, I think I made a slight error in tasting these biscuits.  I ate a few with a cup of tea.  I think they are much better suited to be eaten alongside an espresso because they are soft in texture – it has to be said, I do prefer a crunch to my biscotti.

Italialicious hazelnut balls & biscotti

One box of hazelnut chocolate fondants – I absolutely love any nut covered in chocolate so this was a total winner for me.  Small hazelnuts covered in a chocolate praline and covered again in a chocolate shell… YUM!!  Having made a school boy error with the biscotti I thought carefully on what to indulge in with the chocolate hazelnut balls.  I had the perfect thing hiding away in my drinks cabinet, a nice cold shot of Molinari Sambuca Café.  Rich and indulgent…double Yum! These would also go down well with a nice red grape grappa or a full-bodied red wine from the Italialicious deluxe wine range.  Tick.

One jar of blackberry jam – sounds simple eh? blackberry jam.  I tell you now, when I tasted this, I was transported to my in-laws terrace having an espresso and eating this jam on toast…crunch! This one really is delicious.  Winner. Tick.

A floral peg – I thought this was random until my husband pointed out it was probably to peg the bag of biscuits shut once you’d had a few. These guys really have thought of everything. BUT…as my will power forbids me to leave anything unfinished, I found a new use for the peg.  It’s now a fridge magnet holding in place a beautiful pic of my daughter when she was a week old.

Who for? – My honest opinion about Italialicious is that it is a service best aimed at the corporate market purely because the packaging is outstanding and extremely well thought through.  I mean, even the bid red tomato with the aeroplane logo – genius!  The gift boxes are beautifully presented and the products are great depending on your taste. If bought as a personal gift, the good things is that you can customise the contents.  For example, although nice, I wasn’t overly keen on the biscotti if I’m honest, but perhaps I might have preferred the chestnut jam or maybe even a rice instead?  The choices are endless and this is the advantage, you select what you want, everything else is done for you.

If you want to know more about Italialicious or would like to order or customise your own gift box, please pop along and visit them here.

I was sent an Italialicious gift box to review, all opinions are entirely my own (with a few cheeky interruptions from my husband!)


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2 responses to “Italialicious: Pimp My Gift

  1. Douglas Brumby

    March 8, 2012 at 9:16 am

    Thanks for the details on Italialicious: Pimp My Gift Tea&Biscotti, it’ll be really beneficial.

    • Tea&Biscotti

      March 20, 2012 at 9:00 pm

      Was a pleasure, may I ask why beneficial? have you ordered some delicious items from them?


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