Social Media Melancholy

20 Feb

As most of my loved ones know, I’m not a mobile phone fashion follower.  My mobile phone is so old, its a joke. This weekend, we spent a few days away visiting family and I nearly had a full on, heavy breath, panic attack when my husband’s iPhone had no signal! AND my aunty doesn’t have broadband, she doesn’t even have dial-up! Who doesn’t have broadband nowadays? I assumed it’s built-in to every house, like a gas meter or something.  I couldnt believe it, I was social media melancholic for three days.

I have to get a new phone.

I’m at my wit’s end! I never stick to anything. I don’t have a hobby because I’ve got the attention span of an ant. It’s so frustrating.  I loved the idea of this blog. I loved the idea of capturing my little life and my little family.  I loved setting it up and getting in on Twitter (about three years too late). I loved being promised a promo box of Italian goodies to review from a web-based gift company… here we go, I thought, im on my way…

I need a new phone.

But now…what is it? A week later… I’m discovering Pinterest, Instagram, StuckUp (or whatever it’s called) and all these things I’m supposed to be following people following me following them following you..  I’m following so many people, following me that I’m meeting myself coming backwards! Now I understand why blogging is a full-time job.

My grandma used to tell me to sit back away from the TV or I would get square eyes.  She was right, God rest her soul! My eyeballs are constantly stuck to this laptop, I’ve got a Quasimodo-esq hump on my back from being slouched over, pins and needles in my legs from not having moved for the last week and I still haven’t worked out if Instagram is on Android?!!  Aaarrggh…  this social media malarkey is a nightmare! DO NOT get me started on editing this website – how do I add the Pin It button anyway?? No idea – there’s another week of square eyed evenings in the not so distant future (probably starting tomorrow!).

Do I give up? has my new hobby just become an old habit? will I ever get any sleep? If I’m not tweeting or reading tweets, I’m pinning and gramming and if I’m not doing any of the above, I’m collecting my thoughts for this blog.  The blog I love and want for it to good.  I’ll carry on.

I’m getting a new phone.

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Posted by on February 20, 2012 in London


One response to “Social Media Melancholy

  1. Becky

    February 22, 2012 at 10:57 am

    Ha ha loving it. The whole point of this is to add a new dimension to your life and to find an outlet for your thoughts. DO NOT get sucked into thinking you have to be on top of everything. Go with what feels comfortable and start adding things as you discover them for yourself.


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