Rome wasn’t built in a day

05 Feb

Horrah! I’m starting my blog.  I’ve ummed and arred, procrastinated, talked about it, talked about it some more and tadah, here it is for all the world to read.

Today has been monumental: It’s my husband’s last day in his thirties.  I HAD to upsize my jeans (I know, shameful…is there a rule as to how long one can blame baby weight before it becomes bulging gluttony? ‘oh I’m breastfeeding, pass me that blueberry muffin’, which equals muffin top which equals the need to upsize ones jeans!..).  I had to miss my mummy and baby group, which I LOVE, because my very trendy, very expensive pram has a flat tyre for the third time this week. My little girl was diagnosed with an allergy to cow’s milk protein [Dr speak for lactose intolerant] which means I now have the green light to eat more blueberry muffins. Oh, and did I mention that I am officially a “Blogger” 🙂

I can’t wait to get started, properly started… writing and stuff, maybe a few pictures to illustrate my findings.  First, i’ll have to think of some topics but as with most things, once I get started, you won’t be able to shut me up!

Lest I procrastinate a bit longer, tomorrow, on my husband’s 40th birthday, I will begin my quest to become an excellent Italian wife. I’ve already prepared the coffee pot, errm, hmmm… that’s all I’ve done so far… best not to run before I can walk, eh?

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Posted by on February 5, 2012 in London


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